About Me

I started my Kennel in 2019 as a boarding, training and breeding facility. I started out breeding and raising English Springer Spaniels in 2010. I grew up around a Springer named Rusty, he was one of the best dogs I had ever been around. So, I knew when our old dog passed that I wanted an English Springer Spaniel as I had young kids and with proper training, they make wonderful family pets. In 2021 we started also raising and breeding Border Collies, this was another breed I had a lot of experience with growing up on a working farm. (We will NOT be cross breeding). I strive to breed a good family dog that still carries the distinctive breed characteristics of either a good hunter or farm dog. We want a dog that can work during the week and still hang out with the family in the evening and on the weekends.  

 In 2018 I decided I wanted to do what I love most, be around animals and make a living. I then started working 2 jobs to save the money to build a facility that I could provide dog boarding, training and raise my Springers and Border Collies. In 2019 my husband and I were able to open up the kennel. It is still a work in progress but we strive to give your dogs a safe and secure place to stay while you go on vacation or need to be out of town.  

I worked as a Vet Tech for many years, plus I grew up on a farm so I have many years’ experience with dogs and other animals.  If I need help, my sister Naomi is my assistant who is also a vet tech. With our combined knowledge you can rest assured that your beloved family pet will get the best of care.  

We look forward to helping you with all of your training, boarding or breeding needs. 

– Vicki Long

We strive to breed good family dogs that still carry the distinctive breed characteristics of a good hunter. We don’t hunt with our dogs, but some of our pups have been started on hunting and are doing a great job of it.

We want a dog that can come in the house and be calm and gentle with the kids, but still have the energy and excitement to make a great hunting dog.

When you buy one of our puppies, you will also receive:

  • Our Mountain View Kennel Health Agreement,
  • AKC Registration Application,
  • Vaccination/Worming Record,
  • A Puppy Food Sample To Aid With Food Transition,
  • And, A Small Piece Of Flannel With Mother’s Scent.

We hope you will keep in touch once you have bought one of our puppies and let us know how they are doing.


Blanchard, Idaho

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