Not Losing Patience and being Consistent.

             I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the time you have with your dog. They are only with us for such a short amount of time. We need to make the best of each day with them.             We have been doing some training with a couple of our dogs for 4H. […]

Having Fun With Your Dog!

I hope all of you are well during this crazy time in our lives, where nothing is for sure from day to day and we have no normal in anything we do right now. I decided to write about having fun with our dogs since many of us are home with our dogs more than […]

Flea, Tick and Worming Remedies

Now that the weather is warming up it is time to start thinking about fleas and ticks. I have always taken a more natural approach to these pests, but I also live in an area where the winters get cold so fleas usually freeze off during the colder months. I started using Diatomaceous Earth (food […]

Grain Free Food?

So as more and more dogs are going grain free, I decided this is something I should touch on. I am by no means a dog nutritionist but after working in a couple of different vet clinics and feeding my own dogs over many years. I decided that I could have a bit of useful […]

The What and Why of Socialization in Dogs.

I see and hear about so many dogs that are not well socialized as a puppy or young dog. I think part of the problem is we don’t want to take any puppy around other dogs or people until they are fully vaccinated which is generally around 16 weeks and I totally agree that no […]

Why Should you Crate Train your Dog?

          As many of you know I raise lots of puppies and one of the questions I get asked often is if they should crate train their new puppy. And my answer is always YES! I am a firm believer in crate training every single dog. There are many reason for why I want all […]


So, over the last few weeks I have talked to several people who are having issues with their young puppy or dog nipping at their hands or feet. First let me say this is totally normal puppy behavior and is to be expected from any puppy under 12-16 weeks old. But it is how you […]

Don’t Hold that Dog!

Don’t Hold That Dog!  I feel the need to write a post on dogs and traveling in the car. I see so many dogs hanging out the driver’s window and that is CRAZY! I understand that you love your dog and want them to be happy, but think of the risk you are putting your […]

What is Mountain View Springers and Services?

Hi, so many of you know me as Vicki, Vic, or Mrs. Long, but I am also starting to be known as a small business owner! My dream has always been to own  my own business. When I was a kid, that dream was to own my own veterinarian clinic, then I wanted to own […]