Complete Dog Training Manual

By Bruce Fogle, D.V.M. Published by Dorling Kindersley. 1994. Supper easy book to read! If you have trouble with books that have pages and pages of words, then this is the book for you! Each page has lots of pictures and little box with tips, and long with short paragraphs to read on simple training […]

The Well Mannered Dog

From dealing with cats to staying in hotels, a total guide to good manners.  By the editors of Pets: part of the family. Published By Rodale Press, Inc. 1999. I love this book! When I am having a simple training issue I will pull out this great book. It is packed full of pictures and […]

Dog Speak

How to understand your dog and help him understand you. By Editors of the Pets are part of the family. Published by Rodale Press, Inc. 1999 It’s easy to ready this bright colorful book, with lots of pictures and little inset notes. It goes over talking to your dog, how do dogs speak to each […]

E-Collar Training for pet dogs

By Ted Efthymiadis. Published by Ted Efthymiadis. 2018 This little book has taught me or about training with a shock collar than any other book or on line resource I have read. It helps you pick out the right collar for your dog and goes over the best options out there. I have tried several […]

The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training

by John R. Falk Published by: The Lyons Press.1986   In this book you can learn about some of the best equipment that is needed for bird dog is training. It has a good section on pointing and flushing dog breeds and how to pick the best breed for what you would like to be doing. […]

Revolutionary Rapid Training Method: Gun Dog

by Richard A. Wolters. Published at NAL Penguin Inc.1961  I absolutely love this book! It goes step by step on through the book on how to train your dog to be a great bird hunting dog. The first 5 chapters go over how to conduct lessons, and some import things to remember in a dog’s life and […]

Revolutionary Rapid Training Method: Water Do

by Richard A. Wolters. Publisher at NAL Penguin Inc. 1964  This book is wonderful guide on how to start your puppy in the right direction to be a water retriever dog, the tips seem to be able help you get your retrieve to the point you want, so you can get put there and work your dog. […]

The Art Of Raising A Puppy

by The Monks of New Skete: Published by Little, Brown and Company.1991  A really great book to read before you get your puppy and then again once you have your puppy so you can work through it as you train and work with your puppy each day. This book helps you build a strong healthy relationship with your new puppy […]

The English Springer Spaniel

By Carol and Don Callahan. Published by Howell Book House. 1996  This book is well written and fun to read since the authors have been owning springers for more than 40 years. It gives you a good idea on what great dogs they are. Some of things covered in this book are, living with your Springer, enjoying your […]

Hunting with Spaniels, Training your Flushing Dog

By Paul Morrison. Published by Kennel Club Books. 2009  This is a great book if you want to teach your Spaniel to hunt and flush game for you. There are many bright pictures. The beginning of the book is on finding your spaniel and creating a place for them. Then you get in to the […]