Mack One of the best Springers I have ever had – Mark


Tripp On his first hunting trip at 3.5 months old. – Shauna


Sadie She got her first bird with the help of her bestie. Not the best pictures but she was too into the bird to stop for the camera.   – Lynette  


Rudy Lives in Sherwood, Oregon with his parents Steve and Karen. He loves going for runs and is obsessed with tennis balls! He is a load of energy and we love him to death! Thank you for raising such beautiful dogs!  


Oreo Oreo and her best friend. The best friendship ever! Audriana


Isla It’s going well, she’s got the puppy pad figured out. She’s a little celebrity in my apartment building and has the sweetest temperament. Dayne

PostDoc “Doc”

PostDoc “Doc” Thank you so much for our little girl! We are just in love! It took 2 days and she stopped crying at night. She is just so cuddly and sweet! There’s not an aggressive bone in her body. We love her so much! Thank you! ~ Ariana


Makai We love Makai (dark green boy from 1/2/18 litter), he is the best snuggle buddy, travel companion, and friend. He and our 4 year old like to get into trouble together and then take a nap when they have worn each other out. Makai is very smart and has taken to commands quickly. He […]

Emmylou Harper July Grace

Emmylou Harper July Grace We love our Mountain View Springer, Emmylou Harper July Grace! Our communication online was seamless and accurate. We were able to talk about our history with dogs, and the type of personality we thought would be a great fit for our family. The trip from Seattle and meetup for the pickup […]


Hank “He is a great hunter and gets so excited when we get to go out. He loves to run too, these are some birds we got this last fall.” ~ Mike