How do you recommend that buyers pick the kind of puppy that you sell?

You should put your helpful advise here…. Below is what someone else did…


10 Things to Look for in an English Cream Retriever Breeder

By purchasing from a good breeder, you’ll have a puppy that is happy, healthy and long-lived!

Good breeders:

1. Have dogs that are AKC registered and provide pedigrees & pictures of the parents. They don’t breed dogs with genetic/temperament disorders

2. Have clean facilities and healthy, happy dogs with completed health clearances

3. Carefully screen & question prospective buyers, answer their questions, are knowledgeable about their breed

4. Require you to sign a contract before buying one of their puppies with specific provisions like a spay/neuter contract

5. Encourage you to see the dam and sire of the puppies in person (if male is on site)

6. Have a reasonable number of dogs and has time to spend with them, keeps their dogs exercised, stimulated and active

7. Will not allow you to visit the puppies before they are two to four weeks old and their immune systems have started to develop

8. Will not sell puppies before they are legally allowed to leave the mother, usually 8 weeks old

9. Will want you to send pictures and updates on the puppy you have purchased

10. Will give references on request and will refer you to other breeders when possible



 Breeders to Avoid

1. Have dogs that look nothing like the breed standard – see the British Kennel Club website for breed standards 

2. Don’t register their dogs or complete health clearances

3. Don’t know much about the breed they are selling, or have a number of puppies from many different breeds

4. Have dirty and/or smelly facilities or keep their dogs in crates 24/7

5. Have unhealthy, listless, nervous or aggressive dogs. Puppies look sickly, filthy, fearful (lack of socializing) or have discharge from the nose or eyes

6. Won’t show you were the dogs are kept. A breeder who won’t show you where the dogs sleep and play is probably hiding something

7. Will not provide pedigrees or health certificates

8. Have no contract, don’t care who they are selling to and just want to sell the puppies as quickly as possible

9. Undercut or haggle with the price of their dogs. Remember that good breeders have spent a lot of time, money and energy on their dogs & puppies with food, health & socializing

10. Don’t ask you questions. A good breeder wants to know if you are a good person to sell a puppy to. They want to make sure that you have time to properly care for and socialize the puppy. A good breeder wants to make sure that their puppy is going to the best home possible!

Note: 99% of puppies purchased from a pet store come from puppy mills!

Please work with a small, local breeder for a healthy, well-socialized puppy, so you are not promoting this:

To learn more – and to educate others on how to STOP puppy mills, please vist the Humane Society’s website.