So as more and more dogs are going grain free, I decided this is something I should touch on. I am by no means a dog nutritionist but after working in a couple of different vet clinics and feeding my own dogs over many years. I decided that I could have a bit of useful information to share on this topic.

I do not feed grain free, but I know many people do, and I suggest you start doing a bit of research on grain free and Taurine. I will list a couple of articles you can look up at the end of this post that the last vet clinic I worked at shared with their clients. They have some great info in them on why we need to stop feeding grain free crap food.

Now I have been feeding the same food for about 6 years and all my dogs until this winter have done wonderful on it. Then I got a dog that was allergic to chicken which is the protein source, so I have now stated feeding that dog a lamb and rice formula and we have no more ear issues.

I know some people think that the more expensive the food is the better it must be, but that’s just not true. I buy a cheap food, but I also feed my dogs vitamins and cooked veggies any time we have leftovers. Many times, you are just paying for a big name when you buy expensive dog food, you are not actually paying for a nutritionist to be making and testing that food.

AAFCO which stands for the Association of American Feed Control Officials is a voluntary membership association. It’s a multidisciplinary group comprised of federal and state officials, veterinarians, scientists and more.

They are tasked with identifying safe ingredients, outlining pet food label requirements and building nutrient profiles based on the latest findings in pet nutrition research. States use AAFCO’s guidelines as a baseline when creating their pet food regulations. ( ) Making sure the food you buy is tested by AAFCO  is one way to know that the food you are buying has all the right ingredients and will help keep your dog happy and healthy.

There are grain free foods out there that are healthy and can be fed if your dog really does have a grain allergy, many times after doing testing or food trials veterinarians are finding that what the dogs are actually allergic to is the protein source rather then the grain in the food.

I hope you find this post helpful and if you have any questions about feeding grain free please bring it up the next time you are in to see your vet. The below articles are very helpful in understand what happens when you feed grain free. I am also attaching a link to the vitamins I feed. As I feel they have truly helped my dogs, skin and coat conditions.

UC Davis Investigates Link Between Dog Diets and Deadly Heart Disease

The Savvy Dog Owners Guide : Nutrition on the Internet

A broken heart: Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients

NuVet labs NuVet Products. These are the vitamins/supplements I use.  (my code for ordering is 72510)