We love Makai (dark green boy from 1/2/18 litter), he is the best snuggle buddy, travel companion, and friend. He and our 4 year old like to get into trouble together and then take a nap when they have worn each other out. Makai is very smart and has taken to commands quickly. He is always anxious to meet new friends, curious about the world around him, and enjoys exploring the outdoors. Makai is at his happiest cuddled up with someone in the family on the couch. We have received numerous compliments on how beautiful he is and how unique his colors are. We have been asked to breed him but have declined because that was never our intent, he is just a part of our family. We do however pass along Mountain View Springers information to everyone who comments on his handsomeness. Thank you again for giving us our newest family member, he is loved beyond measure!!

~ Cassandra