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Our Puppy Whelping System

 From birth to 3 weeks – a quiet and safe whelping box for mom and new babies, with a roof, closing door, and needed supplies right at hand

 3 to 4 weeks – leaving the “den” (play & eating area) to go potty in the new  section where pups begin learning housebreaking

4 to 6 weeks – the third section is added for expanded play with a clear plexiglass panel so pups can see more of their world

6 to 8 weeks – puppies go outside multiple times every day to enjoy the outdoors, explore, and build their bodies, including fun time on the puppy playground!

Wet Weather Training

Here’s a training tip for keeping your Golden clean on rainy and snowy days. Keep a towel and throw rug near the door, and when your dog comes in, give her the “wait” command to stand on the rug. Then give the “paw” command for each leg while wiping clean. Dry her head and back, especially around the ears, and then her underside. Give a release command. This becomes a nice routine, and prevents a wild, wet pup dashing through the house!

How’s your Canine fashion?

Give your favorite Golden a stylish collar & tag with some of these handmade items:

“Hello My Name Is” tag

Handcrafted metal tags

Collars with nameplates

Woofwear (our favorite!)

Watch for Foxtails

It’s summertime and Goldens love to get outside and explore!      As you’re out on walks and hikes, watch for                          Foxtail grass. This is an annual grass considered a weed. As it matures, seeds are formed at the top. The seeds detach and cling to clothing & fur, then move forward and penetrate the skin.

After walks in parks, fields or open space, brush your Golden’s coat and check between the toes, in the ears and eyes for foxtail and other seeds.

Puppy Reunion!

A fun time was had by all at the April Puppy Reunion! Pups and their families met at the Lafayette Dog Park for socializing, chasing balls and enjoying yummy snacks.  It was great for all the brothers and sisters (as well as their owners!) to see each other again.


Fall Fun – in photos:

Little Frosty with flying ears

Chinook and Kenai

Chinook catches the ball!

Happy Birthday Chinook!

On September 6th our lovely Chinook turned 7 years old – looking forward to many more happy years ahead.


The birthday cake! Potato, sweet potato, peanut butter frosting, snap pea candles

 Party friends: Kenai, Chinook, Beluga, Aurora

 Kenai enjoying cake


We love these crate covers!

Make your own or get one!

Fun Idea!

How neat is this for the most spoiled Golden Retriever at YOUR house?

dog feeding chairs


Our Goldens love to go on adventures – and one of our favorite adventures is hiking. Dogs can be helpful on the trail by carrying a dog backpack. When buying a pack, make sure that it’s the right size and fits well. A great item for dogs to carry is water bottles – this distributes weight evenly and keeps them cool.

If you want to make any progress on the trail, keep the food and dog treats in your pack, or hungry Goldens will try to get in their own pack every few steps to have a snack!

A Cool Plan

We saw this portable dog drinking bowl at our puppy reunion and loved it!  It’s a great way to keep dogs hydrated on all the walks and hikes of summer – Dog Drinking Bottle

Goldens as Helpers

Did you know Golden Retrievers are one of the most easily trained breeds of dogs? Their sweet nature and desire to please make them ideal as Assistance and Therapy dogs. Check out this article from the New York Times Magazine about Goldens helping special needs kids:  4 Paws for Ability  You may be inspired to teach your Golden a new trick today! (like putting away the hats)

Great Personality

Snowstorm raises puppies with excellent temperaments and unique personalities. We want families to own a retriever who is happy, loving and gentle – and many of these traits can be seen early in puppyhood.  Here are photos of Baby Beluga at 5 weeks and again at 2 years old. Notice any similarities? (fast asleep in both pictures!

Sweet Feet

Retrievers have luxurious coats, and it’s important to keep the fur around their feet trimmed.  Walking through snow and ice also creates a buildup of little snowballs on the feet.  Watch this demonstration and keep your Golden looking & feeling good on winter days!

How to Trim Your Dog’s Feet

Welcome to Dog Mountain, VT!

 The Snowstorm gang had a great visit to Dog Mountain – one of our favorite places.  You’ll recognize the artwork of Stephen Huneck – and their website has beautiful gifts for dog lovers!

 Aurora and Beluga at the Dog Chapel with sculptures

Swimming in the pond with book heroine SALLY

Running free on Dog Mountain!