January 28th,2016

How to teach your dog it’s name: We have a new puppy we are raising up and I have been teaching her some basic manners, one thing I learned awhile back when I took Poppy through obedience classes was to teacher her what her name was. This might seem odd but most of the time we say our dogs name and then tell them a command, but we want them to know what their name is and to look at us immediately after they hear it without expecting to have something attached to it. So how we teach them their name is to have treats handy and every time you say their name and they look at you, you give them a treat. This way they learn what their name is before we start asking them to do something, it could be life saving for them some day if they are running after something and you say their name and if they know it well they should stop and look at you. This does not take the place of come or any other command, it  just gives us something to make them stop and look at us when we need or want them to. Happy training!



January 18th, 2016

The Benefits of adding to your dogs food: Since many dog foods are full of fillers that are not always very good for your dog, why not add your own fills to your dog’s bowl of food every day? One easy way to do this is by cooking up a few extra veggies when you make your own for dinner and then adding them to your dog’s food. A few good ones are Green beans, Carrots, and squash or pumpkin. Once the veggies are semi soft just start by mixing a few in with your dogs nightly feeding, once they get used to eating a little bit or you find the one they prefer you can add up to a half a cup a feeding in with their normal dry food. If you are wanting your dog to lose some weight then make sure to decrease their dog food by that much. Happy feeding!